9 Exciting Open Source Sass Frameworks

Every CSS developer should know about Sass to see what it offers. This superset of CSS has revolutionized stylesheets much like jQuery revolutionized JavaScript. And alongside many CSS UI frameworks we also have SCSS/Sass frontend frameworks. Most

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In my last article, I showed you how to use native browser form validation through a combination of semantic input types (for example, ) and validation attributes (such as required and pattern). While incredibly easy and super

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There are definite right and wrong ways to design navigation menus. This basic part of a website is often overlooked in the design process and it shows in terms of usability. Clunky, overcrowded or missing navigation are

Form Validation Part 1: Constraint Validation in HTML

Most JavaScript form validation libraries are large, and often require other libraries like jQuery. For example, MailChimp’s embeddable form includes a 140kb validation file (minified). It includes the entire jQuery library, a third-party form validation plugin, and

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The following article brings you 20 inspiring mobile login forms that will teach you some new styles and design techniques for designing mobile forms. If you are designing mobile applications these carefully selected mobile login forms will

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Generational marketing at this moment is a Messiah to that problem. It’s otherwise known as audience segmentation mainly determined by age together with other factors like similar interests, goals,… Visit Webgranth to view full post …read more

Stickybits: an alternative to `position: sticky` polyfills

Stickybits is a small JavaScript utility plugin. It’s goal is not to get in the way. It does one thing well: help with sticky elements. It is not dependent on other JavaScript Plugins, can be imported via

20 Must-Have SASS Mixin Libraries

In this article, we’ve rounded up an excellent collection of 20 useful SASS Mixin libraries you can start using. But what exactly is SASS and what can it do for you? SASS is one of the most

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