10 Free Design Tutorials to Create Own Stuffs in Web 2.0

1. Retro Paper! Create a retro style wallpaper effect!


This tutorial will show you a simple method to create effective wallpaper that you can use for your desktop or for any sort of web background.

2. Web2.0 Badges


This tutorial will show you how to create the most over-used trendy little design fad to come out of the two-oh movement-the badge!


3. Web 2.0 style buttons


Nowadays Web 2.0 style becomes more popular. Every day tons of sites which has simple, bright and very interesting things, appear in Network. There are no standards about creating any Web 2.0 elements, but we have several typical features, for example and clean colors, many gradients.

4. Slick Blue Navigation


This tutorial will show you how to create a Slick Blue Navigation.

5. Simple Vista Layout Tutorial


This tutorial will show you how to create a web 2.0 layout. This covers gradient, buttons, shining…

6. Great Fonts for Web 2.0


Fonts are an essential part of design – but there are thousands of fonts out there, so knowing which ones to use can be quite daunting. Here’s a roundup of some fonts that have found popularity recently.

7. The visual design of Web 2.0


Here is a tutorial for how you can create web 2.0 visuals, which enhance the look and feel of the website.

8. Web 2.0 Design Kit


Web 2.0 is a term coined by O’Reilly describing the new trends in design and development appearing across a flood of innovative websites. This tutorial will show you how to create some of the more popular “Web 2.0″ design effects using Photoshop.


9. How to Make a Web 2.0-Style Logo – A Video Tutorial

This Tutorial will show you how to make a web 2.0 style logo.

10. Web 2.0 photo stripe tutorial – A Video Tutorial

In this Adobe Photoshop Video tutorial you will see how to make a stripe of pictures, like when you go into a photostand and get some pictures taken, then you go out, and voila, a stripe of photos are printed out of the machine.




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