20+ Creative Vectors For Design Inspiration

Vector inspiration really gives designers ideas on what to include in their designs. Whether it’s for a website template, illustration or logo, inspiration is always good. We have spent a bit of time collecting up 20+ creative vectors to share with you. They are truly amazing! If you click each image, it goes to the website/design portfolio they were found on.

Some of the designs here are just outstanding and must have taken a very long time to design. If you have any vectors you would like to add to our next collection, feel free to drop us a comment.

Cube Website Redesign was created by a very talented German designer. This is a very unusual website, with cool, unique elements and outstanding vector illustrations. It is surely a great source of inspiration for both web designers and illustrators.

This beautiful vector illustration is part of a Pattern project created by a talented designer from NY. Check out his Behance profile for more vector pattern illustrations.

Animal Series Illustrations Vectors For Design Inspiration

This amazing illustration is part of an Animal Series Illustrations project. Beautiful, grungy textures are combined with clean vectors and create a creative, unique illustration.

31 Jonathan Ball / PokedStudio Vectors For Design Inspiration

Jonathan’s awesome work can be found on his Behance profile. The vector illustration above is one of the many vector illustration you can see in his portfolio. This particular one is part of a monster-themed set of vector illustrations.

Via: 20+ Creative Vectors For Design Inspiration


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