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7 UI Choices That Damage UX

User experience is one of the most important aspects of modern web design. The Google Trends graph for ux design shows how much this field has grown in recent years. Yet there are still so many websites

Managing State in CSS with Reusable JavaScript Functions – Part 2

In my previous article, which shall now retroactively be known as Managing State in CSS with Reusable JavaScript Functions – Part 1, we created a powerful reusable function which allows us to quickly add, remove and toggle

Consulting WP – Business, Finance WordPress Theme | Review

Today, we’ll review Consulting WP – a WordPress theme created by StylemixThemes. Consulting WP is a premium finance, consulting and broker WordPress theme, tailored to the exact needs of consultancy businesses. We’ll go through all of its

Browserslist is a Good Idea

I think, as front-end developers, we’re well aware that different browsers (and versions) support different things. We make choices based on web features we’d like to use balanced with what statistics tell us about our users and

7 Ways to Design at Lightning Speed (and Still Be Good)

Some of the world’s best designers – and even the best designers where you work – all have something in common: Many of them know how to work at lightning speed. And the work is still good.

21 Best Free Shopify Templates For Awesome Online Shops

This roundup article will give you a list of the best free Shopify templates which you can use to build awesome eCommerce online stores. Did you know that you can easily build your online store with Shopify’s

Reactive UI’s with VanillaJS – Part 1: Pure Functional Style

Last month Chris Coyier wrote a post investigating the question, “When Does a Project Need React?” In other words, when do the benefits of using React (acting as a stand-in for data-driven web frameworks in general), rather

A Bouquet of 30 Fresh May WordPress Themes To Greet The Startups

Are you going to launch a website? You’ve definitely come to the right place. The showcase you’ll see below will save you time, money and effort. It’s really easy to start a website nowadays. You don’t need

Full Page Background Video Styles

Making a full page background video is slightly trickier than a full page background image. Over on the Media Temple blog, I take a look at how that’s done, but then also what the design patterns are

Top Ways To Improve Your SEO Today

Often times, the small things matter enormously and they add up to quite a huge deal. In this article you will be able to see what you can do to improve your SEO ranking today. While there