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Reactive UI’s with VanillaJS – Part 2: Class Based Components

In Part 1, I went over various functional-style techniques for cleanly rendering HTML given some JavaScript data. We broke our UI up into component functions, each of which returned a chunk of markup as a function of

Naming Things is Only Getting Harder

I was working with CSS Grid and came to the grid-column and grid-row properties. I paused for a moment. They’re not overly complicated. They are shorthand properties for expressing where an element should start and end on

20 Beautiful Grid Blogger Templates for Online Magazines

Grid website layouts are popular due to their well-organized structure, fully responsive behavior, which will automatically adapt them to any screen size, depending on the device, and also, their user-friendly design. Today’s article focuses on finding the

Collective #325

Our Sponsor UX teams learn from customers faster with NomNom Get all your customer feedback and user research in one place. Check it out Designing The Perfect Accordion A very insightful article on accordions and how to

5 Top-Quality Web Hosting Services To Consider Using

Selecting a web hosting service would not seem to be a big deal. It’s just a matter of finding one that offers speed, reliability, security, and has a good backup system; and you’re good do go. It’s

Connect: behind the front-end experience

Some fantastic behind-the-scenes stuff about Stripe’s design work by Benjamin De Cock. Absolutely everything is clever and using very modern techniques. Using CSS grid for their iconic background stripes Using 3D cubes for aesthetic flair Using reduced

What Does a Well-Documented CSS Codebase Look Like?

In the front-end community, there is a lot of attention related to documenting JavaScript. That’s not so much the case with CSS. Often times I feel like lost when I join a project with minimal or no

LESS Tutorials | 20 Useful Guides for Learning LESS

You can use LESS (Leaner Style Sheets) to improve your web developing techniques and to extend the functions of CSS. Although it is is a complex language extension, it can be mastered through intense study. To this

Oh No! Our Stylesheet Only Grows and Grows and Grows! (The Append-Only Stylesheet Problem)

This is a real worry these days. I’ve heard it from lots of lots of developers. The years tick by on their projects, and all they ever seem to do is add to their CSS, never remove.

The $1,000 Podcasting Setup

I figure between (as I write) the 267 episodes of ShopTalk, 134 episodes of CodePen Radio, 154 video screencasts (and many hundreds more as part of the different series), and all my guest podcast apperances, I’m edging